Canto II


She Knows

Surprise me...


I have said before

and meant it

(with only slight exaggeration)

that I am never bored.


For this I owe many thanks

to my brain.


He plugs into the cosmic internet

of information and analysis

and takes me to places

I have never been before.


“How strange it is!” I thought,

when I first learned how to think,

that we can learn

just by thinking.


I did not yet know the Great Power of my Mighty Brain.


I relentlessly followed Him down doldrums of self-analysis

expecting to come out the other side a more complete person

but He was unyielding and obsessive.

I lost my heart

and found myself in the swamp of self-hatred.


I fed my brain the fodder of thought.

Anything that could not make it past His stiff hand

was not allowed to be a part of me.

I struggled against the pain and suffering He had unknowingly led me towards


absconding myself

further into the tangled web of an overly sharpened intellect.


Until one day it became clear,

through the thick smoke of rationality,

that I was surrounded by a wall of swords.

And anywhere I turned to think,

would impale me.


How do you fight against the sharp edges of your intellect?

Of course it is not the case

That we continue to harden

to combat our inner hardness.


I was left with no choice

but to soften.


It seems like a great sacrifice at first—

willing your mind to quiet down a bit

but He is just one of many senses we have been gifted

to take in the world

and attempt to understand it.


Letting go of the tight grip I held on this mighty Man

I slowly deflated

until I fit into the spaces

where the mind is not able to venture.


I took on shapes

with rounded out edges

and realized I was more easily able to meld together

with other




I fell from the height

of knowing that I knew best

and landed on

the tender ground

of my heart.


When it really gets quiet up there

and He begrudgingly takes a backseat,

just for a moment,

I realize that I already know

exactly what I need.

It just lives a little bit closer to earth

a little bit deeper in me

than He’d like me to believe.




Iris McComb is a tender-hearted healer living and loving in beautiful Seattle. When she’s not massaging pregnant mamas she enjoys singing songs, falling in love with flowers, and attempting to eff the ineffable. Iris spends many days vacillating between crippling existential despair and profound peace and reverence, and delights in sharing her journey with anyone who is willing to listen.




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Surprise me...
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