Old Age Is Upon Me

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old age is upon me


my life is a haunted house


at night


family and friends appear


fade away when the cock crows


the evil eye is blind


years gone by are


amputated limbs


the past is phantom  pain


and joy


sins and regrets hide in dark corners


ready to pounce


garlic is useless


laughter from other times


resounds from empty rooms


I paint the door posts blue


death lingers in the doorway


hesitating to enter





Chuck Edelson was born in Chicago on Oct. 8th  1929.   His childhood was overshadowed by the Great Depression and World War II.  His first loves were books, movies and music.  A high school teacher encouraged him to develop latent art skills.  After a short an unsatisfying university experience, driven by news of the holocaust of the Jews in Europe,  he left the U.S,A for a pioneering life in the new state of Israel where he  and his family farmed the land.  Along with his work as a farmer he continued his creative side painting and sculpting mainly themes from the bible and the holocaust.  Now retired from farm work he still sculpts, draws and of late has begun to write poetry after few and far between attempts in the past.




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Surprise me...



Surprise me...
Surprise me...