Canto II


Myriad, vulgar remedies

Surprise me...

I, too, threw my

head back too far

& into the puddle

of fucking infinity

Shivering & complete

---a pane of glass

rapidly multiplying bacteria

No this is not an ode

to the human genome

An orange agent disappeared

as though swallowed fire

quibbling over seeping

A blue black sunset

from a blue gold mesa

& we merely the ones

pointing & grunting

Each iota spun out, dropping

the stomach of every atom

flipped over, churned

into a new gravitation

& yet as such it all settled

into an inevitable groove

& stasis, so silent so

ultimately crystallized

It was laughable

useless altogether

to flail for meaning

Which one felt receding

like the archetypically lit

electric constellations

of a city one did not know

& flew from at night


Renunciation of the shaven babe @ the vernal solstice


Neotenic you’d

been a human

papilloma turnt

byzantine virus


40 spliffs/day

for 40 nights/days

no mourning

the void, right


you asked zen’d af

& practicing trataka

in stilted blue light

3rd eye open & so


only took 1 look

me a target market

you squint, I melt

erratic anointment


myrrh in the coming

months the master

bedroom swallowed

you chewed you


too tough fruit

skin, hair-less

tonsured filthy

we washed it


down w/ a cuppa

the endemic punch

for you you offered

from the ensconce


of a fucking hoodie

you’re so zipped up

you said teething

it toking on these


our tokens, I un-taking

& begun to give you

up around 4 pm I spilt

the tobacco twiced


the rye out the 5th

overdoing & done

w/ the yin both

slugged & gazing


dumbly at that

vitruvian constellation

of holes on top where

shit shook out


looking on your $

slice pizza the lone

asterism visible here


where oh did you

sleep was nicety

enough confusing

arising no-eyed


w/ all seeing hashed

a bad joke as in

seize the day

as in epidemicall




Micaela Foley is an herbalist and writer living in providence, rhode island. she has published several chapbooks, including Eight, Pharmacopoeia of held space, and Fevers tartar. her work has been published in The Recluse, harlequin creature, MUSH/MUM, and Moonsick Magazine, among others.




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Surprise me...
Surprise me...



Surprise me...


Surprise me...