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june 13th


i walk in to the crystal shop in the strip mall that shares a parking lot with the burger king where people do heroin in the bathroom. greyday about to rain but its still warm out and i have some questions about ghosts.

i ask the women inside behind the desk who are both wearing pounds of adornments if they know who knows how to navigate ghosts a medium or someone and they rack their brains and they say be careful be careful don’t fuck with this stuff we’ll think of someone yeah great thanks.

a blond woman hair tied back wearing a white shawl covered in roseswithstems walks out of the back and tells me

i felt you walk in

you’re making me dizzy

do you need me


i say i do

i want to know some things about hauntings

okay well come on back


in the back room with a curtain for a door sitting at a small round table with karen anne

karen anne knows what i want to know


i’m going to homes where people have experienced haunting

i want to be respectful

i want to be safe

so what it is that’s making me dizzy

you have an attachment

i’m gonna take care of that

i’m gonna clear you

i’m gonna seal you before you go to these homes

we humans have

etheric skin

when we have trauma or something has happened in our lifetimes

it could be traveling, moving,

these things, spiritual stds, they get in

and most of us are walking around with attachments in our energy

we don’t know it

i’m gonna clear one of yours real quick, it’s making me not feel well

the rest i’ll get later

there’s a couple nothing bad


she is quiet and laughs to herself and im frightened and she says


nothing bad

they get inside of us

which means

entity involvement


a chord




it could be anything


oh i say and im looking right at her but it feels like she’s not there i’m not in the room we’re in another space entirely not in the smalldim backroom of the crystal shop at a round foldout table and she continues


so with an entity

what happens is their energy

draws to you like energy, like what is within

when you’re open

it means there’s an attachment within

inside your chakras

i can tell you where i feel it come from

and i do this through all dimensions

space and time

so it could be something  in a whole other dimension

that’s linked to you here

it’s pretty intricate


i’ve said mhm okay mhm here and there, i’m present with her in that way someone’s present in a dream they aren’t aware of, chaos or mayhem or illogical making perfect sense. she pauses and eyes dart above my head, my uptopbeing, whatever might extend above me. she looks at my eyes and


when you came in i felt you come in

i was like huh

i saw you

that’s odd

then i came out and there you were

i don’t want you to be scared

but i’m gonna do an exorcism on you

it’s just energetic


she gets a chill and shakes and laughs and pauses and she requests i talk to her about the hauntings


so what are your experiences like

i got plenty

i mean big ones

i just cleared my house

there were two people that “lived” in it

they couldn’t stay

i have accounts of what has happened over the last ten years

with ghosts, black shadows

i was attacked in salem

by john hathorne the magistrate that burned all those witches

so much anger

and then my husband and i woke up one night

four black shadows were crawling across our ceiling

because i cleared someone’s house

and they came to my house

so i’ve had stuff that smelt like death

moving around the house

i went to a haunted inn and brought something home with me

i didn’t know it

i have a lot of experience dealing with these things

but ultimately

they need love


she shutters again and feels something deep and it shakes her and it’s real to me too


have you always known these things were there

i had to learn the hard way how to discover faith

one creator spoke through me

that was a big moment

“live in faith child”

it came right through me

ten years ago i was at the bottom of my barrel

these gifts were sleep

these gifts saved me

i’ve had these gifts all my life

first person i ever crossed was my grandfather

i predicted his death in a dream

he died that day

in front of me aged twelve

and i was the last face he saw

i helped him get to the other side


sorry what is crossing

to be crossed means that

the spirit leaves the body

what is here in this realm

is crossing in to the light

the spirit is going home

coming into alignment

our soul can fragment

sometimes people die and some of their essence remains

and they still live in that echoic idea

if they’re trapped i help them

i remove their density off this plane

they go off into the light

there’s no hell

unless you believe in that

then you might experience it

belief is a powerful force

we take that essence that has remained back here

we move it along

energy doesn’t die it just gets transmuted

i help them go where they belong


she sits very still and very thoughtfully and i imagine there are pieces of us everywhere all over wherever we go and i imagine being scattered all over without even knowing it


is fragmentation typically the reason that someone gets stuck here


we can fragment throughout our whole life

you’re probably fragmented

a piece of your soul is probably fragmented

the piece of you that is here in this realm

cause we have dimensions

nothing is linear

we have a piece that oversees all of it

but dimensionally

a soul can fragment

some will cross and go home

some will stay attached

to a person, to an object

and this is the haunting

when someone is attached they still believe they’re


their energy can be very harmful

they can be channeled by folks

by anger

by heartache

these can be a door


so these essences are making a choice to interact and act

yes it’s free will

they have free will

they’ll latch on

and we’re vulnerable when we don’t know what we’re working with

but we’re also extremely powerful

we’re alive

we have the power


they’re fragmented


in every dimension

in every past life

we can’t die against our will

even if somebody shot you

creator will ask you

do you wanna go back? and you can

we have no idea what can be done for us

we are so blinded by this human form

our limitations are great

you can be a skeptic and a believer at the same time



Katie Coleman is a writer and visual artist living in Portland, Maine with her sweet pup Timber. She is a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the Maine College of Art, where her work explores the system of language as one of authority through text-based and installation work.




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Surprise me...


Surprise me...
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