JJ and Kendhall

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JJ died at the corner of Putnam and Magazine

I walk through her ghost when I lug groceries back and

pass the vines of fake flowers wound tightly up the post


Struck by a truck at 27

she was a light,

tacky pink and yellow scream against winter white


I learned years ago

every time you walk through a ghost

you sneeze


Though I think to encounter a ghost

is more like getting the hiccups


A poltergeist can pounce as a paroxysm

or ebb into your purview

Always lingering and rattling your core


On move-in day, I saw Kendhall in a tree

above H-Yard threaded by the frenetic energy

of a fresh semester


He sat on a limb

waved, swayed

feet kicking over the din


So I laid down on the dirty ground

and watched him watch me.




Kathryn Lin was born and raised in New York, educated in Maine, and now resides in Cambridge, MA.She currently works at a startup and dabbles in watercolor, creative writing, and dance.





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Surprise me...



Surprise me...
Surprise me...