Haiku LXX.

Surprise me...

after Charlotte Smith’s “Sonnet LXX.

(On Being Cautioned against Walking

on Headland Overlooking the Sea,

Because It Was Frequented by a Lunatic.)”


Ah—no one told you.

That solitary wretch on

the cold cliff was me.


Tonight A. A. Milne’s beloved forest

is burning, tall flames overtaking

the very small animals, smoke choking

rabbits as they flee. No one knows

how it started, and no one

saw the owl emerge. Either he’s still in there

or he got away.


Tomorrow experts on the news will tell us

this is not a tragedy. All’s not lost, says one forest ranger,

indicating the destruction behind him. Within four weeks

we’ll have grass growing. In six months you probably won’t know

too much has gone on here.


Wildfire, Hundred Acre Woods



Kate Horowitz is a poet, essayist, and science writer in Washington, DC. Her work has most recently appeared in Small Poems for the Masses, Butter, and rose quartz. She has work forthcoming from Yes Poetry. She blogs at thingswrittendown.com and tweets @delight_monger.








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Surprise me...



Surprise me...


Surprise me...