Canto II


A Question of Biology

Surprise me...

Maybe I am

in love with you

or maybe

I am really


a piece of grass

in love with the rain.


It’s true:

when I’m thirsty


and I let water

thin across my lips


I feel some

kind of way.


Uproot a hair

from my chest.


the drop of pain

Says either way


I have a body

that is mine


for as long

as I am


too scared

to share it.


The Art of Listening

Shifting virus, blood to heart

To head, pinned on salt-damp cotton,

melismatic trance gone inevitably flat,


I could never sing to her

anyway--lungs must have known

we were held together


like breath. But oh how I spoke,

pithy declamations of desire

murmured into the evening’s mouth.


Haven’t you ever underwritten

action with words? Haven’t you

prayed to own a feeling


borrowed from the spring

of tender filth upon which

you and everything float,


sprinkled in supplication

over your upturned face?

Haven’t you ever wanted






Eli Peirce hails from Portland, Maine. He has taught English at home and abroad, but it turns out he’s happiest working at Trader Joe’s and focusing on his own writing. No matter where he starts, his work ends up circling back to themes of anxiety and love.




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Surprise me...
Surprise me...



Surprise me...


Surprise me...